Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nicola Tesla's Electric Car Revealed

A 1931 Pierce Arrow similar to the car Tesla used

Last night I discovered a web site that everyone out there will be excited to see. The web site explains how Tesla could have powered his 1931 Pierce Arrow Electric Car. There are two schematic diagrams showing a series and a parallel circuit that Tesla could have used. The tubes used were a common 70L7GT Half Wave Rectifer that believe it or not are still available today.  I know all of you want to see this site but be patient. Here are the circuit diagrams:

Just a suggestion I personally would buy only a couple of these tubes and experiment to see what kind of output that you could expect to see. I personally have a very limited experimental budget and thus can not experiment as extensively as I would like. Here are some images of the tube.

Now what everyone has been patiently wating for the link  to

Tesla's Electric Car

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